Bathroom By Design

BATHROOM BY DESIGN has over five years experience in designing bathrooms for many clients in varying styles and combinations of sanitary ware and tiles.
BATHROOM BY DESIGN offers initially a three step design service with combinations of the three if all are not required. 1. Site visit – BATHROOM BY DESIGN will make a visit to the client’s site and professionally measure the bathroom space. 2. Planning – BATHROOM BY DESIGN will create a selection of possible design layouts for the client from the measurements taken on site or from their own architects plans or measurements. 3. Design Visuals – BATHROOM BY DESIGN will take the plan chosen by the client and convert it to a coloured visual of the room. Five viewpoints are presented to the client. One view from each wall looking into the room and an aerial view. This is the professional presentation that gives the client a vision of the finished bathroom and therefore eliminates misunderstanding between client and installer.

Phone: 082 341 1454 (011) 706-6942
Address: Johannesburg

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