Nowa furniture design

Nowa believes in the concept of timeless design – one that is not necessarily linked to a specific trend or time period. Our success lies in the belief that half of the work is done in the design of our items and the other half is in the execution and manufacturing. Based in Johannesburg South Africa, Nowa works closely with designers and retail shops, creating an extensive range of contemporary furniture which is manufactured by New World through a license agreement. Nowa’s ranges are primarily available to the trade – although we will undertake selected design projects under the Nowa brand. These projects enable us to stay in touch with the latest trends in the architectural and design industries. The name Nowa comes from combining the first names of the two partners, Neil Mare and Waldo Herselman, as well as our sister company New World. Neil and Waldo’s passion is reflected not only in Nowa’s designs but also in the quality of the final manufactured product. Nowa further endorses a ‘green planet initiative’ not only in the sourcing of raw materials but also throughout the entire manufacturing process. Nowa is planning the launch of an exciting gallery where new and up-and-coming artists’ work will be showcased and sold. More information on this initiative will be announced soon. Some of these furniture items are shown in our Furniture pages and are only available through certain retail outlets.

Phone: 011 837 2181

Address: 89 Main Reef Road Langlaagte, Johannesburg



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